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Year 3

Egyptians at Norwich Castle

On Friday 27th April, Year 3 visited Norwich Castle. We had a great day taking a step back in time to explore life as an Ancient Egyptian. We were lucky enough to handle real artifacts, see a really mummy and make our own Egyptian jewellery. It was exciting to travel to the Castle Museum on buses and enjoy a day out as a year group.

Time and Tide Museum

On Thursday 14th June a very excited group of Year 3 children made their way to the Time and Tide museum in Great Yarmouth.

We had an action packed day trying to save the Icenis from the Romans. We all had to learn how to fight like a Roman and an Iceni. We then learnt more about how Roman women lived and also listened to an Iceni story teller.

At the end of the day we had to put our fighting skills to the test as we had to scare the Romans away with a special chant and horns. As the children chanted, the Romans cowered and had no choice but to run away. 

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