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Keeping our Children Safe

The purpose of Wayland Junior Academy’s Safeguarding Policy is to ensure every child who is a registered pupil at our academy is safe and protected from harm.

Ms I Mair and Mrs S Warnes (Inclusion Manager)are the Designated Safeguarding Lead Professionals.

Mrs H Beckett and Mrs A Salmon are the Alternative Designated Safeguarding Lead Professionals.

Named Safeguarding Governor – Mr D Rosembert.

Chair of Governors – M Charlotte Land

The following policies and documents cover our safeguarding procedures:

  1. Our Safeguarding Policy including Whistleblowing Procedure.
  2. Our Staff Code of Conduct.
  3. Our Staff Handbook
  4. Our The use of mobile phones, cameras and social media sites
  5. Our SEN Information.
  6. Our Behaviour Policy
  7. Our Anti- bullying Policy
  8. Our Attendance Policy
  9. Our complaints procedure.

The above list of policies can be found by clicking our policy tab which is under the 'about us' menu.

Academy Security

Bringing children into school

The academy gates are unlocked every morning at 8.40 am when staff are on supervisory duty on the top and bottom playgrounds. Most parents like to stay with their child until they go into school at 8.50 am.  At 9.00 am the academy gates are locked.

Picking children up at the end of the school day

The academy gates are unlocked at 3.15 pm so that parents can meet their children as they are brought out of school. Teaching finishes at 3.15 pm which means that children should start appearing from 3. 20 pm onwards.  Parents and Carers should remain on the playground for their child to come to them.  The academy gate is locked at 4.45 pm. This gives ample time for parents to pick children up after a school club.

Working with the Front Office

The Front Office is open from 8.30 am until 4:00 pm. There you will be greeted by Mrs Watts or Mrs Salmon. There are rare times when the front office staff are called away from their desks and you will find the doors locked. Please wait patiently.  They will be attending to a child and should not be long.

Dropping your child off by car

The car park is for staff, visitors and delivery vehicles only.  Please do not use our car park for dropping off your child.  It is not safe to do so.  There are two disabled parking bays at the front of our school for parents/ carers of children with disabilities.  Please do not use these bays unless your child has a disability.  The bays are essential for the parents of our medical needs children.  Parents/ carers must not stop on the zebra crossing to let children out of their vehicles.  Please ensure that you find a safe place to park and be courteous to local residents.  Thank you for your co-operation.

Behaviour on our site

Adults are expected to set a good example to our children and follow our academy values.  Parents, carers and visitors must not:

  • Smoke on our site.
  • Use bad language and refrain from raising voices as this can be upsetting for our children.
  • Use a mobile phone whilst on our site.
  • Bring animals onto our site unless it is a registered guide dog.
  • Parents are not allowed into the blocks or mobiles.  All visitors must sign in at reception.

Parents/ carers and visitors are expected to be polite to staff and other adults.  The academy will not tolerate aggressive behaviour or language from adults either directed at staff, other adults or our children.  We will take firm action to address this should it happen including informing the police and restricting access to the site for that adult in the future.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.  We firmly believe that all our children, staff and visitors are entitled to feel safe on our site.