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Pudsey Paddle 2016

On Friday the 18th November our year 6's took part in the 2016 Pudsey Paddle at Whitlingham Broad Activity Centre to raise money for Children in Need. This is a race for primary school children in teams of 6 in a Katakunu - a stable craft with two canoe hulls rafted together.

Cross Country Update

We have Alyna Arnold yr6 and Faith Ball yr 5 are successfully through to the next round of the Cross Country Event which will take place on the 10th Feb 2017.  The girls have been training really hard every Tuesday and Thursday lunch with the support of all the other Cross Country Runners.  Great to see you all there every week.


Kanga Klub

Kanga Klub has taken off with a bounce.  A few wobbles at the start.

Well done everybody.

We are laughing and bouncing our way to Christmas.

Tag Rugby

The Cluster Tag Rugby Event took place at Saham Toney on the 7th November.

 Lions coming in 3rd place and Tigers in 7th place

 Best Boy Award was given to Tyler Yates. Well Done.

A big thank you to all the children who attended Tag Rugby Training come rain or shine.  The level of commitment and determination displayed by the children has been fantastic.

A big thankyou to Mrs Winter for her support on the day and to Mr Ball who has been there with the children throughout their training sessions, providing support and encouragement at all times.

Growth Mindset Morning

On Monday 17th October, the Cat's Cradle Craze that has taken over the academy went one step further. The school was full of parents and family members who had come to find out all about their children's learning this half term and many were seen attempting this string game!

The adults were invited to join us for our morning assembly where, with the help of lots of different children, they were told about the brain, the power of yet, making mistakes and different mindsets. 

Dahlicious Dress up Day

Well done to all the children and staff who participated in another great fundraising day. Our whole school was taken over by Matildas, Oompa-Loompas and Big Friendly Giants. Thank you to everyone who donated money.

The total amount raised will be announced at a later date.

Teatowel sneak-preview

The commemorative teatowel has arrived! 

If you ordered one you will receive it by Friday 10th June.


They will also be on sale for £5 at our Queen's Birthday event during the afternoon of the Friday 10th June and after school on this day. You can also purchase one from the school office at other times.

Important Dates for your Diary


09/05/2016 - 13/05/2016 - SATS WEEK.

17/05/2016 -  Year 6 Science Cafe.

19/05/2016 - Year 5 and 6 Cluster Cricket Tournament.

23/05/2016 - 27/05/2016 - Year 6 Residential to Hautbois.

27/05/2016 - BREAK UP FOR HALF TERM.

06/06/2016 - BACK TO SCHOOL.

08/06/2016 - School Photos.

09/06/2016 - Year 5 and 6 Cluster Netball.

13/06/2016 - My Money Week.

21/06/2016 - Whole school Sports Day.

30/06/2016 - Year 6 Performance to Years 2 and 3.

01/07/2016 - Year 6 Language Festival.

Science Cafe 16th March 2016

This year's British Science Week theme was all about SPACE, not just outer space, but the way we know it. No, this year we explored the digital space, the built space, the open space and the personal space too.

Our Science morning began in the hall with an introduction to all the differnet kinds of space. This was followed by the story of the 'Five Little Fiends' by Sarah Dyer. This story was chosen because it made reference to three out the five types of space mentioned above.