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We’re collecting Recycling Stars vouchers!

Wayland Junior Academy Watton is excited to be part of the Recycling Stars initiative in Watton and Carbrooke. 

Recycle the correct items in your black wheelie bin every fortnight and you will be rewarded with a recycling star voucher. Leave your vouchers in the collection box in our main reception to help raise money for the school.

Please donate your stars to Wayland Junior Academy Watton because if we reach our targets we will use the money to:

  • Purchase recycling bins for the playground and every classroom to improve our school's recycling.
  • Buy more playground equipment for children to use at break and lunchtime.

Participating schools will each receive £500 for reaching a minimum target of stars collected and the schools with the most star vouchers per pupil by the end of the project (16th March 2018) will be awarded an additional £500.

This is what some of our pupils had to say about the importance of recycling:

Evelina (Year 3) said, “Recycling is important because it helps the environment.”

Carter (Year 6) adds, “Watton wouldn’t be a nice town if it was full of people’s rubbish.”

Abby (Year 6) said, “Recycling is quite good for the environment and you can make chairs and pencils out of recycled things.”  

For more information about Recycling Stars, see Recycling Stars - Breckland. Why not also check out Reasons to Recycle - Recycle For Norfolk, which includes a video showing how your recycling is sorted in the Norwich sorting facility, and lots more information about recycling in Norfolk!


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