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Science Cafe 16th March 2016

This year's British Science Week theme was all about SPACE, not just outer space, but the way we know it. No, this year we explored the digital space, the built space, the open space and the personal space too.

Our Science morning began in the hall with an introduction to all the differnet kinds of space. This was followed by the story of the 'Five Little Fiends' by Sarah Dyer. This story was chosen because it made reference to three out the five types of space mentioned above.

Promptly at 9.20 the parents/carers, and their children made their way to the Old Hall for some refreshments and five stations of activities linked to the topic. It was a very busy hour which was spent exploring the open space by building bug hotels and finding out about outer space by playing a picture matching game and makin a ballonn rocket. We discovered more about the built space by making spaghetti and marshmallow 3D shapes, and finally we engaged with our personal space by creating a very effective x-ray picture of our hand/foot using chalk and cotton buds.

Throughout the morning, parents/carers were deeply engrossed in the activities with the children and from the feedback we recieved it was noted that offering a range of different types of activities was warmly welcomed.   

The children made the following observations:

'I didn't know there were so many bones in a hand!'

'We halved our marshmallows to get more'.

'Cutting and sticking the cotton buds is really tricky - we have to make sure they go in the right place'.

'We worked as a team- usually we argue, but not in this task'.