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Houses of Parliament Visit

On Wednesday, 8th November Year 6 went on a trip to The Houses of Parliament in Westminster.  Our day began very early (6:30 am) as we set off full of excitement and wonder at what we would see.  We arrived at 10:30, ate a quick snack and then waited to enter into the Houses of Parliament’s Education Centre.

Group 1 entered the building first and went to watch a film about how the Houses of Parliament was first formed and how it has adapted over the years.  While Group 1 watched the film, Group 2 began their tour.  After the film, Group 1 also toured the Palace of Westminster.

On our tour we: ascended the Queen’s staircase; learned about the robing room; stood in the House of Lords and learned about what the Lords did; stood in the House of Commons and learned about the political parties and the speaker.  We then went to the oldest room in the Palace and learned about the events that were held in there.

Group 2 then went into their workshop where they learned all about how politicians campaign to become elected. 

We returned to school – rather tired but full of awe at what we had seen!

Year group: