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Breakfast Club project on Watton’s great fire of 1674

A group of pupils from our Breakfast Club have produced art work to accompany a display in Watton Museum on the town’s great fire of 1674.

The activity saw the pupils carry out research into the fire and then complete their pictures.

Over 60 houses and other properties were burnt down in the fire, which struck on 25th April 1674.

John and Jackie Greenbrook from Watton Museum came into the school to meet the children and receive their pictures.  

The pupils’ vivid paintings are now featured within the museum’s display about the Great Fire.

Emily, one of the pupils involved in the project, said:

“We had to use our imagination to do our picture. We used a sponge to paint the sky, we drew a silhouette on black paper then we stuck it on our piece of paper. Then we gave them to the Museum for all to see.”