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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is used to encourage and support pupils in becoming engaged and enthusiastic life-long readers. 

Children are assessed and given a ZPD which directs them to books which are manageable but also challenging. After reading the book, children take a short quiz to capture what they have read and understood from the book. They are given instant feedback in the form of a percentage. They can also see their overall percentage of correct answers and total words read.

Some books have a vocabulary quiz which aims to assess and extend their vocabulary range based on the text they have read.

Teachers monitor children’s performance weekly. They check the number of quizzes taken, the ZPD they are reading within and their percentage passed. From this they make decisions about support or intervention needed. This support may be in the form of paired-reading, one-to-one reading support, quiz support or comprehension intervention. 

Download Parents’ Guide to Accelerated Reader