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Academy Council

Norfolk Academies holds ultimate responsibility for all decisions regarding the running of the individual Academies. Following the judgement that Wayland Junior Academy Watton was Inadequate (July 2019), the Academy Council was stood down and an Interim Executive Board has been established.

An Interim Executive Board is a small body appointed on a short-term basis and will continue to support the Academy on its journey to Requires Improvement and beyond. An Interim Executive Board replaces the Governing Body of an Academy.

The Interim Executive Board’s main functions are to secure a sound basis for future improvement in the Academy and promote high standards of educational achievement through:

  • Using documentary evidence to assess whether the academy is moving towards Requires Improvement;
  • Validating where there are gaps and ensuring appropriate strategies are in place to close them rapidly;
  • Keeping the Academy on a rapid timeframe to become Requires Improvement within two years with clear actions for improvement to be completed by the next meeting;
  • Ensuring there is appropriate monitoring in place to assess the impact of Academy actions:

The Interim Executive Board will agree the key priorities and key performance indicators within a timescale that secures rapid improvement.

The members of the Wayland Junior Academy Watton Interim Executive Board:

  • Neil McShane (Executive Principal of Norfolk Academies)
  • Izzy Mair (Academy Principal of Wayland Junior Academy Watton)
  • Alex Lightbown (Trust Lead of Corvus Education Trust)
  • Julie Dekker (Executive Headteacher of the Federation of Great Ellingham Primary School and Rocklands Community Primary School)

The Interim Executive Board may be contacted by:

Neil McShane
Chair of the Wayland Junior Academy Watton Interim Executive Board
c/o Attleborough Academy Norfolk
9 Norwich Road
NR17 2AJ

Telephone:  01953 452335

For information relating to Norfolk Academies Annual Reports and Financial Statements, Norfolk Academies Value for Money Statements, Norfolk Academies Funding Agreement and Norfolk Academies Memorandum and Articles of Association please visit the Norfolk Academies website via the link provided below: