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Maths Makes Sense

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Sumdog is an online game website which has fun maths games. The questions are based KS2 age-related mental maths skills where speed and accuracy is very important.

Every child in the school has a subscription to SUMDOG which can be used in school and at home.

Times Table Rockstars

Times Table Rock Stars takes on two forms in our school: every day children take a times table test. It takes 3 minutes, there are 50/60 questions which are multiplication or division questions based on the weekly times table, and there is LOUD rock music playing.

There is also an online game website that tests speed and accuracy of multiplication questions and the related division facts.

Every child has a login to Time Table Rock Stars which can be used in school and at home!

Maths Makes Sense is the programme we follow for learning Maths at WJAW.

Children follow a learning system which use concrete objects, special vocabulary and actions and partner teaching.